Why Is Heaven Above You, and How Do You Get There?

As you think of heaven, you most likely look upwards. You may have assumed, as many do, that heaven must be up beyond the skies. But are these claims propensity merely a habit you have learned from society, or could it be historic historical conditioning, or is it something else totally? This is neither behavior nor history, because your upward glance results from the amazing link relating to the physical eyes and your spiritual anatomy — your chakras. open heavens devotional

Your upper energy centers, or chakras, are your resonators for much deeper cosmic realization. And when you access the further spiritual understanding of your higher energy centers — especially your crown chakra on your head — you really do tend to look upwards. This is why people in a state of prayer and contemplation often find themselves looking upwards — towards heaven, as they would generally describe it.

The moment you look upwards, with sincere spiritual intention, you truly open an electric power doorway that grants you a more profound cosmic perspective of reality. And you could be inclined to read your mystic visions as a window into nirvana, like heaven were virtually overhead. This perception often is really because when you sense the whole world through the refined belief of your upper chakras, you are sensing the deeper divine essence of everything. And you are sensing the earth as an interconnected energy field. And it is merely natural to assume, when you initially experience this, that you’re interacting with a different world totally — the world of heaven.

Every day, you are generally sensing the material world that you are familiar with. Once you open up your consciousness to a much deeper spiritual reality, you may well not realize that you have shifted your chakra point of view, and you are now sensing the universe through a higher frequency windowpane — your crown chakra. Which means you may have no conceptual construction to make clear what most likely seeing, other than the familiar material plane ideas that you’re already familiar with.

Is this beginning to make clear why heaven appears to be flying in the sky above you?

Your reference point is generally the materials plane, and so you can only interpret your upper chakra perceptions in the usual words and concepts of the materials plane. They didn’t train you about your overhead chakra and cosmic belief in school, did they?

Put simply, you have come to believe heaven isn’t very here in this materials dimension. So your brain does its best to understand the spiritual heurt that you access in prayer and contemplation — and concludes that you are accessing the world of heaven. Or, the metaphysical corresponding to heaven, the celestial higher dimensions, or the realm of sunlight — a place much, far, away. And you imagine, from your familiar material plane reference point, that this wonderful oscillation that you are realizing in your contemplation must be somewhere a great distance away from this fabric world.