What Is Email Validation or Scrubbing?

What’s Scrubbing or e-mail Validation?

There are essentially 2 main measures to actually cleaning your e-mail lists. email verifier api

The First is e-mail Validation or Scrubbing (or occasionally cleaning? You will find many names for it) but basically what you do here is remove as much KNOWN junk as possible. Verification is considerably more costly part of your general information hygiene procedure, so e-mail validation removes as much as possible before you must check, which saves you money and time. I will enter affirmation within my next posting. e-mail-marketing

You can find many measures in e-mail validation (removing) your list of dangerous poor e-mails which you DON’T need to send to!

Some of the scrubbing activities that are e-mail should be:

Part Reports – removing e-mails like “info @”, “sales @”,” webmaster @”, etc.

Note: Many people should e-mail these e-mails address might be who they need contact and as they may be contacting B2B, but usually you do not need to send to this information.

Key Words & Profane – removing an email address with words that are special like: junk, www, shit, admin etc. Thus be cautious l with this filter if you are using it.

Poor Domain Names – like it says, there are understood domain names that are poor out there which are related to honey pots or spam traps, so you’ll need to scrub against this list and remove any e-mails you’ve got with these domain names.

Domain Name Extensions – removing e-mails like .org, .mil, .ru, UK. etc. ru, .UK should youn’t need to send to Russia or the UK then you remove these or. E-mails to the military, mil.

Numeric emails – for the most part, most numeric domain names too and e-mails that begin with JUST numbers is usually a poor e-mail. Case, 1234@domain.com or 1234 at 1234.com or man at 232.com, normally you’d not need to send to these.


ireallylikecheese at yahoo.com (this e-mail is 28 characters in total) and really long or longer than on average so after I scrub a list I usually choose as much as say 40 characters long maximum, anything more is deleted.

It is quite possible you will find yourself removing some great ones, although now comprehend the entire notion of e-mail scrubbing your list would be to remove as many poor known e-mails as possible! But should you really are interested in being safe then losing 1%-2% of your e-mails that are great is worth losing your server or not hitting on a spam trap.

The big ISP’s don’t advertise not pass this information around clearly and if someone claims they are able to remove 100% of all spam traps and honeypots, do not trust them any further than you can throw them!!

Last matter, usually if purchasing or your scraping list lists and don’t have any idea where they have been coming from, you then’ll likely see these examples all.