UFC -Modern Day Gladiators or Legalised Thuggery?

Typical opinions from a standpoint of ignorance contain;

“bloodletting for our entertainment”

“legalised brawling supporting violence”

Many cynics consider that, as usual, it all comes down to cash! Recently once among the most successful and popular spectator sports, boxing, is enduring dwindling lousy pay and crowds -for-view results. The last thing boxing wanted was a serious rival like the UFC for example. The truth is many boxing pundits lambasted the UFC in the early days many that were convincing that it was savage and too dangerous to be licensed – they succeeded in having UFC competitors prohibited with this assumption in many US states. UFC 200 Live stream download

Not only has there NEVER been a fatality connected with “reality fighting” there’s also never even been a serious crippling or long-term harm to the combatants. It was a serious travesty when the boxing community triumphed initially when you examine how many departures and long-term harm to many fighters in having prohibited on the gounds of security!

It is often said lately the reason there is not a deadly harm (yet) in “reality fighting” oppositions, is due to the comparatively few rivals compared to fighters, nevertheless this was lately tragically disproved with the first departure of a female fighter with a total only 2,200 female fighters registered.

The accumulative blunt trauma injuries due to continued striking to the head with opponents wearing heavily cushioned gloves is without doubt the largest cause of fatal and long-term injuries to boxers – this just will not occur in “reality” occasions as opponents wear either no gloves or quite softly cushioned gloves which is not going to allow combatants to strike to the head round after round without hand harm.