Samsung Galaxy Note Deals Now Available

The Galaxy range of smart phones from Samsung has now expanded to feature a very different new model, the Samsung Galaxy Be aware is bordering on like a tablet device but is officially classed as a sizable smart phone. galaxy s8 specifications download-5

Samsung Galaxy Note deals have now been released on the Orange network in the UK and already offer this new Galaxy mobile phone absolutely free on some of the higher line nightly rental deals, consumers can opt for up a free Galaxy Note from? 41 every month – which is same price as the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus and iPhone 4S 16GB.

In this amount of line hire each month on the Orange Panther 42 contract price, the buyer can expect an inclusive minutes allocation of 900 that can be used at any time also to call any network including (UK landline numbers), there is also an unlimited amount of text messages to use every month as well as a substantial 1 GB of information for surfing the internet, emailing and updating applications.

The distress surrounding the right categorisation of this latest handset is all based around the scale its touch display, boasting a tremendous 5. 3 inch display the Galaxy Note is homing in on tablet size but this is quite definitely a smart phone when you take a better go through the phones specifications.

The touchscreen display display uses the same technology found in the current Samsung Galaxy S2 and new Motorola RAZR known as Top AMOLED for a shiny, sharp and crisp image even in sunlight, to power this huge display screen and the rest of the phones features is a fast, dual key 1. 4GHz processing computer chip, one of the most effective Samsung has ever used in a smart cellphone.

News of the Galaxy Note include an invisible stylus that can be used for handwriting on the big screen or general nav, there is also the new Samsung instant messages service called ChatON which works just like iMessage from Apple and Blackberry Messenger from RIM.

The new Samsung Galaxy Note is due to be released on more UK systems within the coming days and deals may get a little more competitive as the retailers commence to get their stocks, that said this is a top-end smartphone with some serious hardware offered and is likely to cost more than many current models including the Samsung Galaxy S2 or HTC Sensation XE.