Picking a Blog Theme

Is usually your blog theme something that’s high on the agenda when you are creating your new blog? A entire lot people thing about them, see what’s about, and then tend to go off with a totally free one that’s vaguely over the line of what their site is all about, but is this the right way to be doing it? Montana

In this article we’re going to take a look at where a blog theme should be in your set of priorities, the look and feel you ought to be heading for and whether will be certainly any real difference in a single you might buy over among the many free blog styles available, and finally most of us look at the way to get it installed.

How soon should you be looking at what’s out there?

Although it makes sense to consider what your site is going to be about first, to be able to be able to see what site names are available, and, for financial reasons, check out the price tag on the hosting plans that you can get, looking at your blog theme will be in the top about things you should do first.

That my shock a lot of folks but, the reason for it is this: you have a lot of options on hand and some of those will decrease drastically on the amount of time you’ll have to spend on looking for plugins to get it to do what you want, or, they can speed up the ranking process by taking away a huge amount of the thinking you have to do when it comes to SEO.

A few people get a basic blog put together and then find they spend hours looking to get it to do what exactly they want it to. Although the plugins are generally free and easy to find, you really have to really know what if you’re looking for in the first place i. elizabeth. if you wish to monetize it with AdSense, and no longer have that feature built in, you’ll spend the next few hours taking a look at plug ins and seeing which works best for you.

What kind of look and feel should you be going for?

Your blog theme you pick will virtually come down to what you have chosen to focus your blog on.

It can be good to have an idea of what ‘theme’ your blog might take on i. e. is it an individual blog? Or, will it be targeted at a specific group of men and women (such as the supporters of your sports team)? Once you know that you can have a look around for blog themes that will suit your particular specific niche market – it saves you a lot of time.

People will generally expect a private blog to be a lttle bit haphazard. Most personal sites have photographs of the actual person has recently been up to, diary type entries, and even brief videos of special incidents from their life. Whilst these aren’t challenging to document away in categories, most people don’t.

Should you be operating a blog about a sports team you’re heading to be far more prone to have separate categories within the history, the players, the results etc. If perhaps you have a business blog you may choose to show employees as well as the place, products, etc.

Each of these different sites will have a certain level of expectation from the guests as to how professional they look and feel. You should look for a WordPress theme that reflects that level of expectation. Simple clean lines may be great for a business blog, but could look out of place on a personal blog, while sports websites tend to have ‘a lot going on’ when you look at them.

If you decide to go for the free option, or spend a lttle bit of cash?

That, again, really will depend on what you’re trying to achieve with creating content.

The free WordPress themes are a great way to start out off for anyone who is looking to do somewhat of testing. They are usually a wise decision for personal blogs, too, but once you’re after something a lttle bit more professional, and really want to get people to your site, then your paid option may be best for you.

Some of the more recent WordPress themes have a high level of features in them making it a snap when it comes to finding out the SEO (search engine optimization) of your site, and, as you probably know, SEO is one of the major contributors when considering to getting a high ranking in the major search motors.

Most of the work you’d normally need to do, and possibly not even have thought about, can be setup to work automatically to each new post you add. Other folks will be there as a reminder and can be tailored to just about every new post you make. Many will include extensions that you’d spend age groups trying to find yourself.

The paid for types will also often have a far slicker, highly professional, plus more feature motivated look and feel – just the sort of thing a high-end customer might be expecting if they’re visiting your business blog.

Exactly how get this installed and jogging?

When you see a blog theme you like you can preview it, more so with the free themes, but decent paid for one will have a demo area. If you want it then you just click on the ‘install’, which will install the blog theme for you under the ‘themes’ section in the sub-directory for your blog.

When you have bought your own you will probably have to manually upload it to the ‘themes’ sub-contract folder on your site. This isn’t too difficult and also only is dependent on you up reloading the unopened zip data file using an ftp (file transfer protocol) programme, and one of those should be included through your CPanel.

If the archived file has been published you’ll be able to unzip it directly in the folder on your server.