Invisalign (Invisible braces) : Limitations, Effectiveness and cost

It is rare to find a healthy set of natural shining whites which are aligned perfectly. Persons with overbite problems, misaligned teeth, crowding teeth or other similar problems are bound to a conscious feeling and might shy away from smiling or laughing in a crowd. There are several types of orthodontic braces on the market; however, nowadays people prefer invisalign (invisible braces). Invisible braces are clear-plastic aligners that are put in an individual’s mouth to straighten misaligned teeth and malocclusion. This article is going to present to you some of the differences between Conventional Braces and Invisible Braces.


This is perhaps the major difference one will notice between invisible braces and conventional braces. Metal braces are metal-brackets with a wire that runs through them, whereas invisible braces (invisalign braces) are clear and plastic aligners. Even though there’re many aesthetic ceramic braces, which camouflage themselves, their presence will be made quite obvious by the wire. Hence, invisible braces may prove to be one’s ideal option if they are in the hospitality-business, whether he/she is an adult or a teenage.

Limitations and Effectiveness

According to experts, an individual’s decision shouldn’t be based on only their preference. Even though he/she may prefer to get Invisible braces, there are special cases which require the use of only the metal braces. Some of these cases include:

  • Skeletal deformity and/or other problems.
    • If an individual has an overbite.
    • If he/she has a deep-bite.
    • Severe crowding with cross bite.

    If one has any of the above cases, he/she can’t be treated using invisible braces. This is due to the fact that complicated or large tooth movement can’t be achieved by these aligners, since it’s impossible to treat rotated-teeth or apply any sort of torque-force on the teeth. Hence, overbite or deep-bite correction without the use of braces is not easy to achieve.

    Additionally, in case of severe crowding or if a person has lots of dental problems, maintenance of treated & aligned teeth can be performed using invisible braces.


As expected, since the invisible braces are clear & removable sets of teeth-aligners, one can remove them depending on their needs. For example, he/she can remove them while eating or brushing their teeth and then place them back while sleeping.
On the other hand, this alternative isn’t valid if one is having metal braces, as they are fixed. This makes it somehow difficult to maintain the health of one’s teeth, when they are having metal-teeth aligners. Additionally, there’re higher chances of caries & plaque accumulation, if serious measures aren’t taken. images (9)

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Invisalign Cost vs. Braces Cost
As invisible braces are more recent, advanced and better visual option as compared to the conventional braces, their price is greater than that for the conventional types. Additionally, these modern teeth aligners require a professional orthodontist to carry out the treatment, thus increasing the treatment’s cost. The cost increases further as during each session, a new and lighter set of aligners, compared to the previous, is used.

At this moment, you must have realized that each of the two types of teeth aligners has its own pros and cons. For that reason, when going for orthodontic treatment, one needs to discuss the details of their treatment plans with their orthodontist before making any decision.