Different Types Of Garden Equipments And Tools

One of the major secrets of maintaining a healthy and beautiful garden is having the right equipment and tools. When you are a new gardener and going to choose the right kind of garden equipment, chances are there that you may be overwhelmed with the wide range of choices. However, there are certain tools including spade, hoe, digging fork, rake, trowel, chain saw and so on that have immense importance in gardening. Therefore, it is important to familiarise with some of the basic utensils and with them, you can grow a beautiful garden.


The Spade is a basic tool used for digging, shovelling, planting, hoeing and cutting the lawn. For digging purpose, the long-handled spades are more powerful whereas the short-handled spades enable the users to grip the handles powerfully and using the leg muscles more.


For making fine seedbeds, rakes are being used. It is helpful in opening and closing seed-drills, removing leaves and lawn clippings, freshening up the gravelled areas and flower beds and tearing out moss and dead grass. Since the performance of rakes largely depends on the strokes, it is always advisable to buy it with long handle. The teeth of the rake should be straight or slightly curved.


You will find two basic types of hoe including push hoe and draw hoe. Whereas the push hoe helps the users to move backwards and forwards on the un-hoed ground, the draw hoe is comparatively easier to use with bringing down of the weight on the arms. It can be used from standing position in order to control the light weed growth.


When you need to trim any hedge, you must take the help of hedge-clippers. You can also use them for keeping the lawn edges neat. Hedge-clippers are also useful for trimming down the rockery perennials after flowering.


Homeowners, who need to trim a lot of trees and limbs, can use chain saws as these are essential to trim the dangerously hanging limbs of the trees. Nowadays if you are looking for stores that are selling chain saws, it is essential to know that there are two types of tool available including electric motor powered, one-cylinder gasoline (petrol), gas powered and cordless chain saws. There are many online Outdoor equipment stores that are selling chain saws at the affordable prices. The electric models are lighter, silent and work without any emission whereas the cordless models can be used with flexibility.

Lawn Mowers

Having a wonderful lawn can be your dream and your task of maintaining the lawn is made easier with the help of purchasing the right lawn mowers. Nowadays, there are petrol and battery-run lawn mowers available with modern, efficient and high-performed engines. These models can powerfully mow the average size lawn without making much noise.
Apart from the basic equipment, there are many other options including trowel, secateurs, forks, lopping shears, edging shears, sieves and several others. Nowadays, the latest technology are applied to manufacture grass trimmers, riders, tractors, power cutters, leaf blowers and so on. When you are going to buy such tools, find a good online site that has reputation in selling chain saws, grass trimmers, lawn mowers and other automatic and manual tools.