How To Choose The Top Wedding Video Company

When it comes to capture the true spirit of a marriage ceremony and feel the charm of your big day with all its vibrant colours, a wedding video is considered to be more effective than the photography. We should be thankful for the advancement of digital technology where the quality of these visual moments has been dramatically improved. Gone are those days, when the large, obtrusive analogue cameras were used some 10 years ago. Nowadays, most of the videographers use the small, discreet cameras to record those living marriage moments. download (5)

Now, when you are going to organise your marriage ceremony and the reception party, it is essential to choose the best wedding video company so that spending money on this task would be proved worthwhile. But how to find the top wedding video company? Follow these tips –

1. Invest on wedding video, not on commercial film set

You are the centre of attraction on your marriage day and you should have enough time to enjoy with your bride/groom and family. Some agencies come down on the big day and take control on the entire show. Don’t let them shoot like a film. Of course, they should obtain some pretty moments, but they should think about the couple’s time and patience. Therefore, the best approach is to go with the agency that unfolds and capture some beautiful moments with as little commotion as possible.

2. Thoughtful and well-designed idea

Some basic elements in the films can make it look like an amateurish irrespective use of the camera. There are several things like shaky footage, poor composition, wrong colours, poor editing, cheesy music, zooming in and out, the absence of emotions that can break the entire filming effort. Sometimes, it does not matter what latest version of the camera is used if the there is no presence of thoughtful and technically competent approach for the special day filming. Therefore, while choosing the agency, you should not just watch the company’s website, but watch several of their previous projects on filming such occasions.

3. Avoid the excessive use of special effects

Some people may fond of including special effects such as spinning gold rings, heart-shaped borders and confetti falling through the screen. Unfortunately, those special effects seem very outdated and excessive use can make the visual recording looking very old. Therefore, the more recommended option is to avoid the inclusion of special effects in the film and concentrate on the perfect combination of proper imagery and music.

4. One camera or two?

One of the obvious problems involving the use of a camera during a marriage ceremony is the ‘Zoom Effect’. Whereas the human eyes cannot zoom, the cameraman needs to constantly zoom in and out to capture the moments. If he does the task in a constant way, it will make the recording quite disgusting. In order to avoid this issue, he should use two cameras so that he can switch between them.

5. Focus on the quality of the sound

One prominent difference between professional and amateur is the quality of sound. Nowadays, the wedding video company uses the wireless microphones for capturing the crystal clear sound in the midst of ceremony and speeches. These microphones are small in size and can be easily attached to the bride and groom’s dress so that their voices can be recorded clearly during the ceremony and speeches.

6. Professional cameraman & editor

Some professional agencies employ multiple cameramen so that they can record moments from more than one venue and then give those footages for editing by a different editor. Of course, in this way, they are able to cover multiple occasions on the same day that is beneficial for their businesses but it lacks personalised attention that an important occasion like marriage ceremony deserves.

7. Professional Experience Counts

When you are going to choose a professional videographer for your special day, it is ideal to choose one who has already worked on a wide range of projects apart from marriage filming. Their broad range of experience admires their ability to film your special occasion and as a result, they can incorporate fresh and contemporary ideas in your project.

8. Wedding Songs

Music plays a significant role in the marriage films since it has the capability to tie everything together. It adds personalization in the film and creates a unique kind of emotion apt for the moment. While choosing the professional agency and their videographer, you should discuss the tunes you like to add in the film and ask for their opinion.