Chevrolet Camaro

Since General Motors ended development of its Camaro pause back in 2002, fanatics have been wanting for it to return, something GM made good on in 2007 when they announced that the car, indeed, would be put back into production. New for 2010, the latest edition of the Chevy Camaro is back and better than before. 2017 chevrolet camaro

Now i am still a few several weeks faraway from my first test drive, so my record is based on discovering the car at a pair of auto shows in Detroit and Mis Angeles, talking with Chev officials who had a submit the design of the car, and reviewing company documentation. The hottest model is sold out for the first four to six months of creation, but a test vehicle will be inside my local dealer within the next few weeks. We’ve already scheduled my first drive.

Pricing for the bottom V6-powered Camaro LS will be $22, 995 as the V8-powered Camaro SS will retail for $30, 995. In October 2008, Standard Motors started taking instructions for the car, a full five months before production models rolled off of a Brampton, Ontario assembly line.1

The Camaro is built on GM’s global rear wheel drive architecture and engine is paired with whether 6 spedd manual or six-speed automated transmission to ensure maximum fuel efficiency. Indeed, the latest iteration of the Camaro is about 25% more efficient than the car last produced in 2002, with no sacrifice to power. Credit modern tools with helping the coupe maximize horsepower while eating up less gas and emitting fewer contaminants.

Key features of the car includes four-wheel disk brakes systems across the complete model line; six standard air bags, Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity, remote vehicle starting system, four-wheel independent delay, pause, OnStar, XM Satellite A radio station and more. Many of the features on the 2010 didn’t even exist in 2002, so great are the differences between the two models.

Both LS and LT models are powered by a 3. 6L engine with adjustable timing included in an effort to optimize gas performance and fuel economic climate. Still, this engine will achieve 300 horsepower and 273 lb. -feet of torque and get twenty seven mpg on the freeway.

A high performance Camaro SS with a gigantic 6. 2L V8 is also available, yielding 422 horsepower and 408 pound. -feet of torque. That engine is based on the LS3, a powerplant that can be found under the hood of a Corvette.

So if you’re looking for the right balance of performance and gas efficiency, you will want to keep the Chevrolet Camaro in head, a car that competes with the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger in the important pony (muscle) car segment.

Matthew C. Keegan is a durham writer who resides in New york. Matt is a contributing writer for Andy’s Auto Sport an aftermarket supplier of quality parts including Chevy Camaro wheels and Chevy Camaro rims.