Beautiful Sapphire Rings

Sapphires are one of the most desirable gems, second only to diamonds in hardness. One of their most sought-after characteristics is their color. Although the most popular sapphires used in charms are blue sapphires, sapphires actually come in many types of color: white, yellow, orange, brown, lilac, purple, gray, colorless and multicolored. The gem is composed of Corundum, a mineral that is normally blue. Hence most sapphires are world wide known as blue. However, if the mineral contains records of other elements such as iron, copper or magnesium the resulting jewel would display a different gamut of color. A sapphire containing traces of iron will bring about a very pale yellow sky-blue. A sapphire containing records of chromium will cause a pink sapphire. In case the chromium impurities raise the gem’s color will be red. A red sapphire is known as a ruby; this is the only sapphire that is not called a sapphire in gemology. Beautiful Sapphire Rings Dublin

Various factors influence the value of the sapphire gem stone. When shopping for the perfect blue sapphire bands there are many things to consider. Light shimmering through the gem takes on a significant role in gem selection and value. Some sapphires are various colored and depending how the light is reflected on the stone, the jewels appear to be colours. Color is the main feature of the gems. Color is determined by hue, saturation and shade. The intensity of the hue determines generally the market value. How dazzling or vivid the treasure appears influences its vividness, and its range from light to dark influences its tone. Blue is the most desirable of sapphires if it is made up of up to 15% of violet or purple shades it is still considered a gem of fine quality. If it is made up of traces of green or gray its value is reduced, gray reduces the hue’s brightness.

When buying estate sapphire rings or antique sapphire rings be sure to pick a good reputable supplier. Sapphire rings are always a beautiful stone to look and are well received as gifts. Various people love the color that the sapphire is offering and are proud to decorate it.

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